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• 7/10/2018

Comunidad habla hispana.

Dejo esto ya q no encontré nada en español
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• 6/29/2018

Rethinking how we approach "genre" communities & one-and-done releases


On FANDOM there are communities for topics large and small, broad and niche. Sometimes broad topics can be successful and inspire a dedicated community, and other times they can feel daunting in scope. On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes specific games or movies can be very popular, but don't always fit the traditional approaches that wikis take, and so not much happens with the wiki portion of those communities.

We believe there are ways to bridge these gaps and better meet the needs of fans, and we'd like your help in figuring out how to approach this.

As you may have seen if you use our FANDOM app, we showcase some of these "broad/genre communities" alongside the news and stories that are applicable. For example, the "Nintendo" topic in the app includes the wiki and Discussions from

Here are some other varied examples of broad topic communities:
· Encyclopedia Gamia at
· Animanga Wiki at
· Horror Film Wiki at
· Xbox Wiki at
· Comic Book Series Wiki at

Sometimes these genre communities serve as an index of communities or fandoms within the broader topics, which can help boost the profile of smaller topics that may otherwise get overlooked. But the wikis are only part of the solution, since there are also reviews, news, conversations and recommendations. Discussions can be a place where people engage and talk about both the broad genres and specific titles even if the wiki doesn't end up as a focus. In the past, our attempts at "hubs" tried to capture the whole scope of these topics but did not find much success.

With editorial and Discussions now living alongside wikis on a modern FANDOM, we're looking at how to approach these challenges in a better way, and we'd like your help in answering some questions. We need your input!

· What do you like about the communities focused on broad topics?
· Do these types of communities sufficiently refer or relate to more specific communities you regularly participate in?
· Do you (or would you) participate in communities that cover the broader topics (such as "Comics" rather than the more specific "DC")?
· Do you tend to read news about broad topics?
· What would make you more interested in participating in a genre community than a more specific fandom?
· How can FANDOM better promote the genre communities without minimizing the role of the more specific fandoms?
· What, if anything, should connect the more specific fandom communities to the broader topics and genre communities (visually, or through navigation)?
· If you are participating in or editing a genre community (for example, "Xbox"), what role does opinion-based content (like subjective reviews of a new game) play versus fact-based content (only the release date and public information)?

In the gaming world, some titles are immensely popular but can be finished quickly or don't lend themselves to repeat playing. Playdead's games "Limbo" and "Inside" are great examples. Wikis were created for these, but the nature of the games didn't fit the traditional deep knowledge format of a wiki.

On the entertainment front, it can be difficult for fans of popular non-franchise movies – such as "Love, Simon" and "Baby Driver" – to find places to connect with one another. As with games, these types of films often don't end up with great wikis to be the core of a fan experience. Here, too, we need your input.

· What do you see as advantages of one-and-done communities? What might attract readers to them?
· When they start to fade from attention, what should be done (if anything) to keep them fresh and interesting?
· At what point, if any, is it acceptable to let them close?
· How should these communities be related to the genre communities mentioned above?

We'd very much like to hear your thoughts, as they will help when considering our near term and long term strategies. Thanks!
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• 4/21/2018

Town Hall followup - galleries as dead weight

Great Town Hall. One thing stood out to me: the mention of galleries as dead weight. We've got a little under 10.000 of them at DC, of which 1.000 are cover galleries. That's about 10 percent of our pages that aren't technically content.

I'm thinking of ways to trim the wiki (mostly of categories, but that's another story). I've got some questions, though:

* Is dead weight harmful to SEO? Especially since the only content categories do have tend to be bad-SEO names like "Batman Bruce Wayne 0344".

* In terms of reader retention, is there an optimal length of a gallery? I don't even want to go through the thousand Batman images and tbh, I don't see what it adds.

* Our dinosaur of a Gallery Template currently has a blind, alphabetical navigation. Do people actually use these?

* What's your view on use of galleries vs image tabber?

* And a bit of Marvel vs DC: we've got a list of issues and the cover gallery as a separate page, whilst they've got them as the list of issues. In terms of navigation, which is better?

* Could you give some general do's and don'ts about galleries? Use of templates as descriptions? Different approach fordesktop v mobile?
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• 4/7/2018

Questions for "Evolution"

Our next Community Connect Town Hall will be live on April 21, 2018. While we can take many questions live, it's also helpful to find answers for you ahead of the live broadcast. Feel free to post some questions here so that we can feature it during the Town Hall!

· Shifting Audiences; how to think about your community readers — they may not be who you think (and may not be who they were when the community started)!
· Modernization; what's new with the FANDOM tools, network, and platform. Where are we going this year?
· Fading styles and fighting cruft; what are some older design patterns that no longer fit a modern web or wiki? How can these be replaced with something responsive and responsible without losing your community flavor?
· Converting readers to editors; how to get volunteers interested, and keep them involved. Why FANDOM is a different culture than Wikipedia.
Evolution Community Connect
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• 1/16/2018

Questions for "Building Strong Communities"

Our next Community Connect Town Hall will be live on January 20, 2018. While we can take many questions live, it's also helpful to find answers for you ahead of the live broadcast. Feel free to post some questions here so that we can feature it during the Town Hall!

* Strategies for launching, maintaining, and organizing communities
* Working with inter-language partners and sister projects to build together
* Understanding and embracing user diversity; how a variety of user backgrounds makes for a richer community
Building Strong Communities
Building Strong Communities Community Connect
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• 10/19/2017

Questions for "Making Great Articles"

Our next Community Connect Town Hall will be live on October 28, 2017. While we can take many questions live, it's also helpful to find answers for you ahead of the live broadcast. Feel free to post some questions here so that we can feature it during the Town Hall!

* Making the most of the infrastructure and tools FANDOM has for contributors
* Developing content with a specific tone and richer, consistent articles
* Best practices for templates, and using them to enrich your pages
* Organizing articles to draw in readers from search and keep them engaged
Making Great Articles Community Connect
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• 8/23/2016


I would like to say thanks to everyone about Community Connect 2016!
By the way, where should I post feedback in after sending feedback by Google Form?
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• 8/12/2016
Coming into Connect I only knew some of you by your usernames and contributions. It's been amazing to finally put faces to names and meet everyone here.

I hope you all have safe and swift flights. Don't be a stranger, come and say hi every now and then. 🙂
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• 8/12/2016
Thanks y'all for hosting us and showing us around, it's been real exciting and rewarding :)
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• 8/9/2016

How's your first day of CC going?

Any favorite parts or surprising things so far?
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• 8/8/2016


Has any of you arrived already? :D I'm not even in CC2016US, I just wanna know!
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• 8/8/2016

Blast from the Past

Saw this video running in the lobby, and I got even more excited about seeing you guys this week. Enjoy our adventures from last year!
Wikia Community Connect 2015
Wikia Community Connect 2015 Community Connect
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• 8/7/2016

Advice for early arrivals

Howdy, y'all! I'm Isaac, one of the presenters this year. I was also an attendee last year. As a piece of advice, I'm going to suggest you post a reply here when you arrive. Most of you will be at the mixer events, but if you've arrived early it can be fun and exciting to explore San Francisco. It can also be lonely and terrifying venturing out on your own. Connecting with others when you get here is one of the great experiences you'll have this week. So, unless you particularly want to wander the streets as a maverick singleton, pairs and groups can be MUCH more fun.

I look forward to seeing and meeting all of you!
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• 8/3/2016

Hello, Wikians!

Howdy everyone! As one of the initial Fan Contributors for Fandom, I'm excited to meet all of you at Community Connect 2016. Wikis are an invaluable tool to us at Fandom and it's going to be great networking with so many diligent contributors. Can't wait!
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• 7/15/2016
Thanks all for this amazing week. It's been fantastic meeting each one of you!
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• 7/15/2016
What was your favorite session for #CommConnect Poznan?
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• 7/15/2016

Frankfurt flight cancelled

Our flight got cancelled on last minute. =[
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• 7/13/2016

At Last!

I finally have this app downloaded! Salutations to all! :D
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• 7/12/2016
And now, a discussion on... Discussions! How meta!
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• 7/12/2016
First activity of the day!
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Imgur
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