Bert is a Director of Support & Engagement.


Bert studied film at university and has worked in assorted imaging-related and customer service/support jobs. The Wikia VP who interviewed him commented that all of his past jobs centered around "delivering content" which was kind of a weird and interesting revelation. Wikia is the most fun place he's ever worked.

Bert's a lifelong fan of lots of stuff. Marvel Comics. Favorite comic character: Spider-Woman. Favorite comic team: The X-Men. Favorite movie franchise: X-Men (sorry, Avengers). Star Trek. Bert is a proud member of an oppressed minority — people who consider Voyager to be their favorite series. But he loves them all. Eagerly anticipating the new series. Avid reader of Trek novels and comics as well, so a big fan of Memory Beta. Shout out to any fellow Nan Bacco fans. Good TV Comedy. Give me anything that has less than two degrees of separation from Tina Fey and I'll be happy. Always ready for more Arrested Development. Prefers reality competitions (Runway, Drag Race, Face Off) over "film my staged life" crap. Old school games. Give me original Zelda any day. Lots of other stuff. Just ask.

Community Connect Involvement

Bert will be helping welcome attendees and is really looking forward to meeting all of them (and getting reacquainted with those he's met before).

He'll be part of the following sessions:

  • Discussions: Moving Beyond the Beta
  • Discussions Brainstorm: Building the Connective Tissue
  • Community Central
  • How Social Media Can Help Your Community (Europe)
  • Main Pages: Desktop and mobile (Europe)
  • What makes a "Wikian"? (Europe)
  • Social and Content Moderation - Best Practices (U.S.A.)
  • How to gain and retain new contributors on your community