Brandon Rhea is Senior Manager, Fan Engagement and Support at Wikia. Contrary to the rumors you may have heard, he is decidedly not a witch. Brandon focuses on fan engagement at Wikia and writing editorial content on Fandom. He works closely with Community Support, Community Development, Marketing, Product, and Editorial.


Before joining Wikia's Community Team, Brandon was (and still is!) a Wikia superfan like you. He joined Wikia as a user in 2006 and became an administrator on Star Wars Fanon, and then later joined the Community Team part-time in 2010. After graduating college in 2011, Brandon joined the team full-time and has been here ever since. In addition to staff work, Brandon is an active user on Wookieepedia.

Community Connect Involvement

Brandon is helping lead the Community side of Community Connect. He's here to make sure you're happy, engaged, and having fun during your stay in San Francisco. He will also be presenting sessions about social media and what it means to be a Wikian.