• Presented by Andrew Naslund (who does everything) and Bert Hall
  • work with product managers on feature development, community needs, etc.
  • Building your community through content portability: expanding your reach to more readers, making content accessible
  • Building your community through better discussions: keeping lightweight contributors around.
  • What you want to do and don’t get lost in the details. What you are trying to accomplish main goal.
  • Platform/Wikia-side: separating content from dispaly / structuring the content/data
  • League of Legends is beautiful.
  • Extract data to make relationships
  • Chris Pratt is in everything. So connect him to every other film/show he’s in.
  • Search will work
  • Cross-wiki traffic will increase
  • Official and unofficial partnerships
  • Firetide not affected by lightning attack
  • Signdicate information to youtube channels
  • Why is this useful?
    • Structured metadata. Solve complex template problem. Rich text blog of html. Every section could almost be a thing that is referred to and queried.
    • Pages that compare other information together and display information.
    • Creating a bot. Community to community approach for a bot.
    • Server Side Javascript to do this?
    • Want to update it in one place and have it affect the entire website
  • Tools?
  • Translations are an interesting problem, because in context some things don’t make sense.
  • What about duplicate content in other languages? Or content that disappears because of HotCat?
  • Quentum or Francis is a user that made a gaelic page.
  • Benefits and short comings of specific wikia features
  • user stories: what do you do now, what would you like to do, etc
  • Want more places to have conversations about stuff.
  • Should be a place where there can be a fanfiction, fan art, etc on wiki.
  • Talking about the uselessness of blogs/comments. But would want some type of discussion
  • Talking about other wikis that include other possible ways of presenting data
  • Talk about buying out certain websites/host on wiki
  • Merge some wikis together since multiple ones aren’t necessary. Plus the main wikis are doing it better.
  • Talk bubbles?
  • DragonsNet collisium? Characters fighting against each other
  • Database not community

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