Christy is the VP of marketing at Wikia, which includes things like branding, public relations, events, social media and product marketing. She joined Wikia as a consultant over three years ago and quickly joined as a full-time employee because of her love for the company and brand.

She is incredibly passionate about the future of Wikia and Fandom and is looking forward to talking more about both at Community Connect.

A Little About Christy

Christy has lived in five states and 15 houses. Moving seems to be a pastime. The constant in her life, though, is her husband of nearly 14 years, three kids and dog.

While Christy's life (see above) doesn't currently allow for as much TV and movie consumption as she'd like, she finds a spare moment for favorite shows like House of Cards, or historically, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, 30 Rock and Silicon Valley. And she's a constant fan of all things culture, including art, music and food.

Community Connect

Christy is really looking forward to participating in this year's event; welcoming and getting to know the attendees, and discussing Wikia and the Fandom brands.

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