The Wikia Community Team are members of the Wikia Staff who help to support and grow all of our communities. We work on a variety of projects and are who you can turn to with questions or concerns. Meet the members of the team below!

Community Support Team

The Community Team are Wikia staff members who can help with any issues on any Wikia site.

Contact us using Special:Contact and let us know how we can help you with your wikia and community.

Jen Burton is Wikia's VP, Community works to ensure our Community organization support all of Wikia’s community members -- editors, founders, admins, readers, and visitors. She occasionally posts amazing photos of her dog Falkor at
Sannse Carter is the longest-standing member of the Community Support Team at Wikia. One of her passions (aside from wikias, of course) is making jewelry. She's collected hundreds of different beads, with lava stone among her favorites. You can find her hanging out on Community Central and visiting the amazing variety of communities across Wikia. Feel free to say hello, and let her know what your favorite type of jewelry is -- she loves seeing new designs!
TimQKatahdinTim Quievryn
Tim Quievryn, commonly known as "Q", has been editing wikis since 2004 and been working here at Wikia since mid-2009. Stock car racing, photography, and hiking are his main hobbies, but he loves staying to learn a little bit about the topic of each wikia he helps out. Seek him out via email support, talk page, or Community Central Chat. He'll be glad to talk to you!
Tim Bartel-staffTim Bartel
Tim Bartel is responsible for Wikia International, with a focus on Wikia Germany. In the online world, people usually know him as Avatar, a nickname chosen from the famous Ultima roleplay game series which he first played on his Commodore 64. He considers himself to be an early adopter, especially since he entered the realm of cyberspace back in the late '80s with an acoustic coupler. He's been interested in wikis for more than 10 years. In his free time, he enjoys eating very spicy Thai food and he loves his two cats.
User:Mighty No. 9
Luis is a a huge Soccer fan! He loves the FIFA series and likes spending time editing the FIFA 14 community. After completing his military service, Luis spent many years working in the Video Game industry and absolutely loves video games. He had the pleasure of working on some really popular titles such as the Naruto, One Piece, Tales, SoulCalibur, Tekken, and Ace Combat series. He is also a huge fan of other sports, comics, movies, tv, and board games.
User:Brandon Rhea
Brandon has been a Wikia user since 2006 and a member of Wikia Staff since 2010. He is a Senior Community Manager and focuses on user engagement, which includes working with programs like Wikia Stars. He is also the founder of Star Wars Fanpedia, a Star Wars news wikia, and an administrator on Star Wars Fanon. In case it wasn't clear, he's a pretty big Star Wars fan. Feel free to leave him a message!
Bola-comicAntonio R.
Antonio is focused in the Spanish communities. He's from Spain, and loves contributing to our Spanish Gaming and Entertainment wikias -- especially GTA Wiki. If you need help in Spanish, he's your guy. He helps new wikias grow, and you can find him on Spanish Wikia Central, or on any Spanish wikia. Stop by and say hola!
Kirkburn, sometimes known as George, joined the Community Support team in late 2012, having been a product manager at Wikia for several years. Kirkburn is not a recovering WoW-addict - indeed, he has not stopped playing since launch day in 2005, and it was joining WoWWiki a year later that got him into wikias. (He does play other games too.) He trained as a Civil Engineer, but is not going to make any jokes about 'building bridges with the community' here.
Rappy Rappy
User:Rappy 4187
Rappy has been editing Wikia since 2008, and joined the VSTF in March 2012 and later hired on as a Community Support team member. You can find him playing Aion and editing at the Aion Wiki in his spare time.
Andrew is Wikia's Technical Community Manager. You have questions about new features and anything under the hood, ask him first. Originally from Chico, CA, Andrew's a sports fan, a proud UC Santa Barbara alum, and a Star Trek nerd. He has a bad habit of deciding to walk when it would make much more sense to drive.
Lucho Lucho
Lucho is focused in both English and Spanish communities. Lucho is really excited to explore more the Wikia gaming communities since he used to work as part of the Community Support team for a video game publisher. He likes to explore new restaurantes to satisfy his palate and enjoys organizing things!
Andrea 1Andrea Voirin
Andrea Voirin, is Wikia’s German Community Support Manager and will focus on the German communities. She is originally from Germany and has been living in the US for almost 10 years. Her experience includes bi-lingual customer support and fraud investigation in the banking, retail and antivirus industry. In her free time Andrea enjoys traveling to foreign countries, hiking and exploring the Bay Area.
Eva Eva
Eva grew up in Germany where she used to take care of a German community for college students. Although she's happy to talk to you in German, if you like, she takes care of English-speaking Wikia users. She loves cooking, baking, podcasts, and board games (Settlers of Catan is her all-time favorite!). She thinks The Lord of the Rings is the best story ever told and gets grumpy when she doesn't get her daily work-out in.