Eva is the latest addition to the English Community Support team. She grew up in Germany and took care of a German student and career forum for three years before moving to the US. She now helps out English-speaking Wikia users and is jealous of Andrew's rent-controlled apartment. 

Nerd history

Eva learned English mostly by reading English books, because Harry Potter books took forever to be translated into German, and by watching a grainy pirated original version of the Fellowship of the Ring 1,234 times until the DVD version finally became available. She also read the Lord of the Rings trilogy 9 times and learned to write in Elvish script, so she could pass secret notes to her equally Tolkien-crazy best friend in class. 

She spent way too many hours of her life on a German Lord of the Rings forum, and regrets to this day that she never made it to RingCon. 

Other obsessions include Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, and many other Fantasy series.

Responsibilities at Wikia

Eva helps Wikia users if they have technical issues or trouble with others users and admins.