Why do we use infoboxes?

  • What is an infobox?
    • It’s a collection of fact sheets designed to show a summary of a specific topic
    • They are very useful; infoboxes present facts that can be read easily
    • Infoboxes are part of the wiki culture
  • What is the problem with the current infoboxes?
    • Most devices won’t show infoboxes properly
    • We need tools that help us build, personalize, and use infoboxes in articles
  • What can we do to understand content better?
    • Validate both content and formatting
    • Explain and leverage the value of infoboxes
    • Use auto generated galleries and tables based on infobox values
    • When different devices display infoboxes correctly, it’s easier to show them across channels

Our goals for the future

  • Make sure that infoboxes are easy to create
  • Make sure that infoboxes look the same in every page
  • New tagging of infoboxes
    • We want to create something that is easily understood by people and devices
    • Inspired in galleries, we created a variety of tags to make infoboxes more consistent
    • Tags with 70% less code
  • Infobox migration
    • A tool for migrating infoboxes
    • "Infobox Builder" - still in its initial stage; will make infoboxes easier to create in the future
    • Next step: have several images in an infobox
    • Different looks for desktop and mobile