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T3CHNOCIDE is an admin at Halo Nation and the Destiny Wiki.


Hi all,

I'm Josh, a.k.a T3CHNOCIDE on Wikia. I am 23 years old and currently completing my Masters in Biomedicine at Plymouth University, UK. I am also an admin on the Halo and Destiny Wikias with a strong passion for gaming, technology and science. I've attended a few Wikia events previously including working on Shadow of Mordor and Titan Fall, as well as attending E3! As a fan contributor I used to previously write for Wikia gaming on the newest games, gaming politics and gaming events.

My hobbies include:

  • Sci-fi and fantasy gaming genres (my favourites being Halo, Destiny and Mass Effect)
  • Reading (Grey's Anatomy, Inheritance series, Halo series, the dark chronicles, etc.)
  • Sport (sailing, squash, rugby)
  • Science and technology (astronomy, engineering, concept designs, gadgets, consoles, etc.)
  • Programming mainly for Wikia but also for bioinformatics (Python, Perl, SQL, R, JavaScript)
  • And my biggest interest is medicine (regenerative medicine including stem cell therapies, tissue engineering and gene therapy)

I look forwards to connecting with different members of the Wikia EU community!

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