Technobliterator is an administrator at the Final Fantasy Wiki among others around the Wikia network and also an evil overlord of doom. A user who writes and updates content, codes and designs the templates, skin and features of various wikis, Technobliterator contributes to various wikis of interest.


Early beginnings (2008-2011)

With random edits in various wikis since 2008, Technobliterator has edited various subjects. These included, but were not limited to, random humour wikis, and small edits to wikis. An avid user of these wikis, Technobliterator originally did not delve much into editing, for fear of wanting to make edits which were too controversial, such as an overhaul of page layouts and of templates. Technobliterator also founded a wiki or two which became abandoned.

The first wiki the user began to truly edit much was the Jak and Daxter Wiki, where skills such as site maintenance and basic use of templates were learnt, as well as the first major content edits made by the user, who at the time, was the second biggest contributor to the wiki.

SporeWiki (2011-2013)

The second wiki which Technobliterator became invested in was SporeWiki. Feeling that the sites' templates were being neglected, due to new users who did not understand syntax well, Technobliterator took over this area, and completely overhauled the infoboxes and navboxes, based on systems used on the Jak and Daxter Wiki, and the Fallout Wiki. Additionally, areas such as the wiki's bot and technical aspects were handled solely by the user.

Several more edits were made to the content namespaces on SporeWiki, though in later years, due to an addiction to Dota 2, they deteriorated.

Final Fantasy Wiki (2014-present)

Though admin positions were not abandoned, Technobliterator relearned and honed technical skills when taking on a new project, the Final Fantasy Wiki. A much more ambitious project than any previously, Technobliterator became among the top editors of 2014, overhauling Navboxes (once again), and making use of Lua. However, edits extended beyond technical edits, as a few policy and style changes were also performed by the user, while the writing of new content for Final Fantasy VI, VII, XII and XIV among recurring-subject and other pages, were also performed en masse.

Eventually, this led to the rise of dominance under a new dystopian universe, in which Technobliterator became a tyrannical overlord of evil and infiltrated the ranks of the administrators in the later half of 2015. This led to an era of an iron fisted rule of doom, though through control of human minds, this appears to be a future of prosperity to the average user.



Technobliterator is a lover of pizza, of music, and games only. Technobliterator's opinion on every subject is also completely correct, as he is confirmed by several media outlets and scientists to be the most hardcore and ultimate dominator of all human life and an oppressor of plebs. [citation not needed, as this is common knowledge]


Technobliterator is capable of site fixes and of technical edits, as well as use bots on an advanced level. Additionally, he can perform blocks, protect pages from fools with false visions of the brighter future vandals, and delete useless pages beneath the omnipotent notice of our God unnecessary or spammed pages. Of course, these are the only powers that are public to the world, as Technobliterator's true powers of indoctrination and evil are in fact concealed from the rest of the world.


  • There are many theorists who claim that Technobliterator is in fact in itself a conspiracy, an artificial intelligence created by the Illuminati, or the Patriots to conquer the web. This theory is supported by mountains of evidence and has been investigated into by most intelligence agencies.
  • There are other theories that claim Technobliterator is a human who is simply fooling everyone. There is no evidence to support this theory.