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TehAnonymous, real name Benjamin Yao, no longer Anonymous, is an admin at the League of Legends Wiki.


Many years ago, Teh_Anonymous was on the site Kongregate and got into the tail-end of the beta for a game called Remnants of Skystone. RoS had a relatively small tight-knit community that worked together to build a great and comprehensive wiki (see also: Monchoman45). Teh_Anonymous took a break for a few months, returning to find that he had been impostered by a user called The_Anonymus, the evil twin that he never knew about. Years passed, and in 2014 Teh wrote a blog post for the game in memoriam.

Teh often spends a few months playing a single game, enjoying the experience of researching its many facets and nuances of play. The list includes:

  • League of Legends, former Dominion main
  • Dwarf Fortress, a game that I thoroughly recommend for serious gamers
  • The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Hearthstone, aka bad Magic
  • Guild Wars 2, current game of choice, hmu

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