VoN is an admin at WikiDex, Sword Art Online Wiki, and Monogatari Wiki.


  • Birth—1990
  • Where—Cali, Colombia
  • Education—B.A., University of Valle
  • Currently—lives in Bogotá, Colombia

Juan is a Colombian engineer. He studied at University of Valle.

In 2009 he joined Wikia, and he contributed for several years using the nick Zerø at WikiDex, the encyclopedia about Pokémon in spanish. He subsequently edited at Sword Art Online Wiki, becoming administrator in 2012.

Juan founded the spanish version of Monogatari Wiki in 2013, and he changed his username to VoN in 2014.

In 2016, VoN was named content moderator at the Spanish Wikia Community Central.

Juan lives in a flat in Bogotá with his Chilean girlfriend, and their dwarf rabbit.

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